Clip1. My Blind Ambition
(D)(DOP pt). 1 hour TV documentary. Winner, Best Documentary IVCA Festival 2000. Narrator: Jacqueline Cloake.Produced by Original Film and Video Ltd. Duration: 5mins 20secs.

Clip2. Run Flat
BMW Cars (D) Marketing and Product focus DVD. Featuring Tiff Needell. Produced by Brainstorm Communications. Dur: 3mins 56secs.

Clip3. Great Little Trains
(D) TV Series – Carlton/Westcountry, C4. Starring Willie Rushton. Winner, Best Regional Documentary Series- Royal Television Society. Dur: 5mins 20secs.

Clip4. Off Your Trolley?
(D) (P) Sales Promotion film for W.C. Youngman. Starring Kevin Whately and Christopher Fairbank. Winner, New York Film and TV Festival and IVCA Festival London. Dur: 3mins.

Clip5. The Tidings
(D) 26 Episodes Children’s Animation Series. Broadcaster-The Cartoon Network. Starring the voices of Robert Powell and Susan George. Dur: 1min 16secs.

Clip6. Milly the Scarecrow
(D) (P) Children’s Animation. Starring the voice of Miranda Richardson. 2mins 40secs.

Clip7. Simpsons. Homer’s House of Horror
(D) Compilation. Broadcaster - Sky Television. Featuring Phill Jupitus and Lionel Blair. Dur: 1min 26secs.

Clip8. Driven to Perfection
Corporate Video for The McKenzie Myers Group. (D) (W) Narrator: John Inverdale. Dur:2mins 30secs.

Clip9. Love Me Leave Me
(D) 35mm full length Drama Feature Film for International distribution. Starring Emma Sutton. Dur: 3mins 42secs.

Clip10. Inside Track
(D) (DOP) Educational 4 DVD set for Inside Track/IAP. Guide to the property investment business. Presenter Vanessa Collingridge. Dur: 2mins 35secs.

Clip11. A Question of Guilt?
(D) 1 hour U.S. TV documentary for International distribution. Selected for the Cucalorus International Film Festival-USA. Dur: 5mins 58secs.

Clip12. Creators Rights Alliance
(D) (P) (DOP) Information film. Presenter Sandi Toksvig. Dur: 1min 53secs.

Clip13. Artworks
(D) (DOP) TV Half hour. Educative Art series. Guest Artist Cherie Lunghi. Dur: 3mins 5secs.

Clip14. Night or Day?
(D) (DOP) Documentary dealing with blindness. Dur: 3mins 45secs.

Clip15. The Perfect Host
(D) (DOP) Corporate Video for British Telecom. Narrator Ray Brooks. Dur: 2mins 31secs.

Clip16. Signed, Sealed and Delivered
(D) Sales Promotion video for Unipart Direct Mail Bureau. Narrator John Sachs. Dur: 31secs.

Clip17. Practice
Edition 37 (D) Veterinary programming for Pedigree Petfoods. Dur: 1min 18secs.

Clip18. Cross Infection
(D) Dental Healthcare Documentary Film. Narrator Paul Vaughan. Dur: 49secs.

Clip19. Dominatrix Reloaded
(D) (P) (DOP) Documentary TV Series. Broadcaster Granada/Sky/ITV. Dur: 46secs.

Clip20. Blam
(D) Computer Game Show TV Series. Broadcaster Sky TV. Hosted by Julia Reed. Dur: 1min 3secs.

Clip21. Backchat
(D) Viewer Feedback TV Series. Broadcaster Sky TV. Presenter Terry Christian. Dur: 1min 47secs.

Clip22. 2 x 30 sec TV Commercials
(D) Broadcaster Telewest Communications. Dur: 1min.

Clip23. Exploding Perceptions of Tea
(D) (P) 3D Commercial and Screen Saver for Brooke Bond PG Tips. Dur: 20 secs.

Clip24. Film of the Film
(D) (P) (DOP) Behind the scenes Documentary on Michael Mann’s epic Lee Jeans Commercials. Narrator Tim Piggot Smith. Dur: 2mins 20secs.

Clip25. Driving Force
(D) (DOP) Promotional Video for ABB for a conference. Presenters Tonia Buxton and Glen Thompsett. Dur: 2mins.

Clip26. Real People
(D) (P) (DOP) Educational Children’s Drama for Zanichelli Editore SPA. Dur: 51secs.

Clip27. On Track
BMW Cars. Marketing and Product Focus DVD featuring Tiff Needell. Produced by Brainstorm Communications. Dur: 6mins.

Clip28. Simpsons. The Springfield All Stars
Compilation Special. Broadcaster Sky TV. Featuring Tania Bryer. Dur: 2 mins

Clip29. Simpsons. Past, Present and Homer
Compilation Special. Broadcaster Sky TV. Featuring David Bellamy. Dur: 1min 15secs.

Clip30. Radio 1
30 sec Radio from "Heatbusters" campaign. Winner - BDMA awards (D) (P)

Clip31. Radio 2
30 sec Radio from "Heatbusters" campaign. Winner - BDMA awards (D) (P)

Clip32. Radio 3
30 sec Radio from Virgin Atlantic Airways campaign (D) (P)

Clip33. Radio 4
40 sec Radio from Virgin Atlantic Airways campaign (D) (P)

Clip34. Radio 5
30 sec Radio advert from "Drummond Centre Croydon" campaign (D) (P)