Q1. Which production would you say has been your most successful to date and how did you set about making the film?

Q2. Do you get to film “action” sequences or films?

Q3. What is your opinion of the different shooting formats like DV for example? Does it affect the quality of a production?

Q4. Do you find it a problem working in several different genres, moving between Documentary, Drama, Corporate TV. Radio etc?

Q5. Are there different criteria needed when making a Documentary production to a Corporate television programme for example?

Q6. As you have directed and produced a fair amount of Radio, do you like working with sound? Is sound an important aspect of a film or television production?

Q7. How important are scripts and do you contribute to the writing of them, and what about casting the right voice-over or narrator?

Q8. How do you feel about working with famous people? Can a well-known personality or presenter be an advantage or not to a particular project?

Q9. Is pre-production or preparation an important part of film making?

Q10. Do you act as a DOP (Director of Photography) on all the projects that you direct? Is there any advantage to photographing and directing simultaneously?

Q11. Are industry awards important and does winning them result in lots of offers of work?

Q12. What is your current view on production budgets?

Q13. Do you enjoy making films that are not commissioned?

Q14. Despite the advances of computer technology, do you still use photographic effects to create film “magic” or illusions?

Q15. Do you work with other Producers and production companies?

Q16. When and how did you start in the film and television business?

Q17. Explain the early period of your career as an Assistant Director.

Q18. Where and how did you learn to direct?

Q19. What “ingredients” do you think make a good director?

Q20. Do you believe someone can start directing without any formal training?

Q21. Of the different awards that you have won, which do you consider significant in your career?

Q22. Can you explain your long term “love affair” with music!?

Q23. Can you summarise how you feel about the film and television business?