Director of Photography  -  Biography 

In addition to his work as a Director, Charles has extensive experience as a DOP (Director of Photography) and Lighting Director, both on location and in the Studio. Familiar with most tape formats and cameras (analogue, digital, Hi-def and HDV etc), he owns a range of lighting, sound equipment and DV camera and is fully conversant with studio techniques, in particular multi camera live transmissions. Hand held camera work a specialty and Jimmy Jib experience at JML/Kentish Town TV studios in London. Other studio work for The Sit-up Channels, National Geographic, Tanza TV and Lavender Blue Media. The following clips are a selection of work as a DOP or Lighting Director, both Single and Multi Camera.


With the advent of more 3D, Charles recently worked on a new 3D feature film shot in high def called "Eldorado". Peter O'Toole plays the Narrator and Charles was DOP on the green screen sequences.

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Charles had been responsible for the lighting design of the channel Rocks and Co in London and in 2009 the company planned to move operations to Leamington Spa near Birmingham. In conjunction with the Architects and Transmission/Installation Engineers, Charles designed and installed all the lighting for the new studio. Much of the success of the Channel is attributed to the photographic "look" and presentation of the programmes.  Programming can be seen on Freeview and Channel 666 on Sky or via the web

PSC indicates Portable Single Camera.  MC, Multi Camera. D, Director as well